Beta Test Program (BTP) & Rebates FAQ:

We have developed these milestones and rewards to benefit the development of the Dragonfly Futurefön while at the same time giving our contributors the thank you they deserve for joining us on this Crowdfunding experience. We are so grateful to have made it this far, but we have our sights set on even bigger goals!

We feel that this plan of involving you in the development process and giving rebates is the best way to create a very dynamic and even more successful Dragonfly Futurefön campaign! We want to make the Dragonfly everything it can be for our contributors and with your help we believe we can not only create the most successful tech campaign on Indiegogo but we can also start a mobile revolution!

*** Program Details Below ***

Here is how it works! (Please also check our program details and FAQ that is specific to the stretch goals)

If we reach $250K – We will open up the Beta Test Program and all who helped us reach the $250K goal, will be eligible to receive a 25% rebate on their contribution. (Hint: We can exceed this first goal if we sell out of our 400-for-$400 deal)

***Please Note: You must buy a Dragonfly Futurefön Unit to participate in the Beta Test Program and enroll in and complete the Beta Test Program to receive the rebate. What contributions count as a Dragonfly Futurefön
Unit: 99-for-$99/ 300-for-$200/ 300-for-$300/ 400-for-$400/ $599/ $799

If we reach $500K – Everyone who gets us to this point is also eligible to participate in our Beta Test Program and will receive 50% rebate on their contribution.

(This works retroactively, for example: all that got us to $250K will also receive the benefits of each rebate
there after)

If we reach $750K – Everyone who gets us to this point is still eligible to be apart of our Beta Test Program and will receive 75% rebate on his or her contribution.

If we reach $1M – Everyone who gets us to this point is still eligible to participate in our Beta Test Program and will receive 100% rebate on his or her contribution, as well as an additional 1-year warranty (2 years in total). The Beta Test Program will be closed off when we reach this milestone and only the contributors that helped us reach $1M will be eligible for the Beta Test program.

What the Beta Test Program (BTP) involves:

You will be able to sign up for the BTP after the campaign ends. We will send everyone the link to the sign up page. (Must have bought a Dragonfly Futurefön Unit to participate).

We will use this program to communicate with all our contributors about color choices, updates, news, and anything Dragonfly related.

During the entire process (before shipment, during shipment, after shipment) we will be sending surveys and asking for your input and feedback. Your suggestions and feedback will be instrumental in creating the Dragonfly Futurefön.

The program will last for 12 -18 months after we ship the Dragonfly *(timeframe subject to revision) . This will allow for us to have ample time to gather all necessary information from our contributors.

You will get an automatic additional 1 year warranty on your Dragonfly
if we reach $1M (a total of 2 years warranty protection).

Any repairs/fixes, if needed, are of course covered under the warranty At $1M the BTP closes and only those that help us reach that goal are eligible for the program.

You must sign up for and complete the program to be eligible for rebates.

Rebate Program details:

To be eligible for the rebate you must sign up for and complete our Beta Test Program.

– All rebates will be given after shipment and completion of the Beta Test Program.

– All rebates are retroactive based on which milestones we reach.

– All rebates will be provided for through operational profits, this will ensure our continued success.

– This is our way of being able to give back to you, the contributors, who helped us get started!

– At $1M the rebate program ends and only those that help us to that goal are eligible for rebates.

*** See our FAQ about the Beta Test Program and Rebates.

Beta Test Program (BTP) & Rebate Program FAQ/Explainer

Q: How can you offer me 100% of my contribution back?

A: We are introducing a comprehensive stretch goal program that is open to all that help us reach our milestones. These stretch goals/milestones will allow us to build out and test other vital aspects of the Idealfuture business model (customer and tech support, beta testing, etc.), that obviously benefits all of our contributors but also allows us to make sure things are running smoothly on our end.

Plus, what is better than being able to get the Dragonfly at lower than retail prices and in this case possibly for free!

In building a technology company, we are always up against the clock with how quickly things progress. We need to be able to work efficiently. We realize this idea of being able to get 100% of you contribution back in a crowdfunding campaign is unheard of, however to create the most personalized personal computer company we are choosing to let everyone who helped us get started be involved and be rewarded for their efforts in changing the mobile world.

In the old fashioned way of building a tech company, one must raise money… design, raise money… build; raise money…. Test; raise more money…. build and test again; raise more money… market; raise even money and finally start selling a product. Since crowdfunding by its very nature has completely upended (for the good of all) the traditional product development and sales cycle, it makes perfect sense to us to include marketing, tech and customer support, product development, and sales into the next logical extension of this process.

In other words, you are helping us fund our product development and product efforts, and as a result we will be able to build and ship you the Dragonfly. At which point the prices will shift to higher retail prices (out side of indiegogo contributions).

To do this in the most cost/time effective way, we will also need to build out our customer and tech support, all while refining our product as we go along, and you should be rewarded for that!

Q: Why are you offering rebates?

A: We already have a USA based manufacturer, Benchmark Electronics, and warranty and repair being set up, making it so that buying the Dragonfly is at no risk to you because you aren’t just buying a proof of concept, we are production ready when the time comes. Our plan is simple, while our manufacturer is readying for production we will be building the support network and all aspects there of simultaneously with your help.

Tech companies that start on crowdfunding need to ship a product and at the same time build out other functionalities, such as, beta testing, technical support, customer support, warranty and repair, and etc. In order to truly satisfy, not only our early contributors, but of course the mainstream market that comes after crowdfunding we must make sure that the Dragonfly is all that it can be.

To do this, it takes time and money, which typically seems to be an after thought to most all crowdfunding companies. We at Idealfuture are again steps ahead and planning for this because Jeff has built real companies before and this is not a first time effort by someone with a neat idea, this is coming from a season veteran.

To build a full-fledged full service company that lasts far beyond crowdfunding it is assumed that it takes both time and money which is why we have developed, our unique, synergistic plan that benefits all by offering rebates and the chance to be apart of the process!

The point is, that you are helping us bring the Dragonfly revolution to the world and this is also our way of being able to give back to all that helped us get there!

Q: How do I sign up for the Beta Test Program (BTP) and Rebate Program?

A: We will be sending a link to a sign up page for the Beta Test Program to all our contributors who are eligible. By signing up for the BTP you are also automatically signed up for the rebate program.

Q: What makes me eligible for the BTP and Rebates?

To be eligible you must have bought a Dragonfly Futurefön Unit (i.e.
99-for-$99/ 300-for-$200/ 300-for-$300/ 400-for-$400/ $599/ $799).
***Prices subject to change.

You must sign up for and complete the BTP to be eligible for the rebate.

How does the BTP work? How long is the program?

Pre shipment:

a. We will set up a beta test program that will survey and poll our contributors.
b. We will collect all color choices through this program.
c. This is how we will communicate with everyone after the campaign ends.

Post shipment: after contributors begin receiving Dragonfly’s we will collect all hands on data, bug fixes suggestions, etc.

The BTP will last approximately 12-18 months after we ship the Dragonfly. *(timeframe subject to revision)

This will allow us to perfect the product for impeding worldwide retail sales.

Q: When will I be able to give my feedback?

A: After you sign up for the Beta Test Program, we will provide you with surveys and a suggestion box, throughout the Beta test program timeframe.
This let us, ask you for, hands on experience, repairs of any issues if necessary, and general user experiences.

Once we open the BTP we will send surveys, ask for feedback and suggestions, as well as general input throughout the entire BTP.

You will be involved from start to finish!

Q: When will I get my rebate?

A: Those that participate and complete the program are eligible for the rebate of 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% depending on which milestone we reach. You will be providing us with invaluable customer input so that our retail deliveries will be that much smoother and trouble free.

You will get your rebate after the completion of the BTP.

How does the warranty work? What does it cover?

You will get an extended warranty to cover the entire length of the Beta Test Program and beyond to ensure that any corrective measures that need to be taken care of are under our 100% warranty protection. (for a possible total of 2 years)

Of course, should there be any issues with the Dragonfly Futurefön that contributors receive a repaired unit and we will learn what the fixes need to be.

This is a great opportunity to test both our customer support and manufacturer warranty and repair capabilities, meaning that should there be a production problem we will be able to fix/repair the unit.

The point is no product from any manufacturer is ever perfect or defect free, but together we can refine the product before we begin mass production retail shipments. This will ensure Idealfuture’s future, which means you will have a company that will be around in the years to come to support you.