Update 83 – Idealfuture Partnership for Engineering and Production! – Part 2

Update 83 – Idealfuture Partnership for Engineering and Production! – Part 2

“Today’s supply chains are complex and ever-changing, making it extremely challenging to connect design and engineering with manufacturing and vendors on an on-going basis and this is where our alliance with Benchmark will really shine.” said Jeff Batio, creator of The Dragonfly Futurefön and Idealfuture Inc.

About Benchmark Electronics: Benchmark Electronics, Inc. is a strong, global company in the business of designing and manufacturing electronics-related products for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

They offer complete product development services, from concept and initial product design to detailed design engineering, spec development, and prototyping.

A large portion of Their business is providing tier-one capabilities for NPI (New Product Introduction), volume production, direct order fulfillment and after-market services.

Some of the Notable Achievements of Benchmark: Benchmark has assisted in creating many technological firsts, especially in the field of medical devices, including: the first camera that you can swallow (for transmitting live video of its journey through the body), the first portable Braille PDA, telephone and organizer, and the first laser-accurate, hand-held vein-finding device.

With Idealfuture and the Dragonfly, they can soon add the world’s first transforming, mobile computing device to their already impressive list of achievements.

“The partnership between idealfuture Inc. and Benchmark Electronics combines two powerful components of consumer satisfaction: game-changing concepts with world-class, established, design and manufacturing.

This will give idealfuture the opportunity to grow and create more advanced technologies in a meaningful and effective way, while also providing us access to best of breed after support and warranty services, which will ensure our customers are satisfied far into the future.”  –Jeff Batio

The Future of Idealfuture: Together, with Idealfuture, our Backers and Benchmark, vendors, etc., we have taken the Dragonfly from a concept to a product and a company with a bright future.

We have a huge and growing global group that understands the fundamental need for our transformative technology and together, we will show the world how the Dragonfly technology changes the mobile future, forever!


The idealfuture team