Update 83 – Idealfuture Partnership for Engineering and Production! – Part 1

Update 83 – Idealfuture Partnership for Engineering and Production! – Part 1


The Journey So Far: We have more updates on the way that will detail the BTP, shipping, engineering changes, etc. but in the meantime, we want to start things off by thanking everyone for all of the support that you have shown us!

Together we have experienced triumphs, delays, successes and failures, but what is most important is that through it all we have persevered and never let this dream die.

Despite having had two (2) different engineering firms fall short, a relatively small budget and a rough time with harassment from people who fear our technology, we have continued to push forward on all fronts!

We have been able to learn so much throughout this process, from our engineering and development efforts as well as the many fine suggestions and ideas from our backers.

We hope that you all have enjoyed getting in on the ground floor of building one of the most advanced technologies in the mobile space, as much as we have in working to bring it to you.

Every day we are getting closer to delivering a Dragonfly that is better in many ways than when we introduced the concept at the beginning of the campaign.

Engineering Alliance: In this regard, we are proud to finally, publicly announce our engineering alliance with Benchmark Electronics, Inc.!

You likely recognize the name, because Benchmark is already our selected manufacturing partner. Though they have been over our shoulder since before the campaign even started, they have now replaced the failed engineering team(s) and have been working with us behind the scenes for the last 7-8 months on the engineering of the Dragonfly.

This alliance with Benchmark has been instrumental in bringing the Dragonfly to life and we feel extremely fortunate to have the same team both handling the engineering and manufacturing. 

The benefits of this are many; it saves us a lot of time and money by designing for manufacturing from the onset. This streamlines our efforts to ensure that the Dragonfly reaches production.

Some of the other benefits include Benchmark’s worldwide presence, which has been most helpful in suggesting and securing preferred vendors for IdealFuture.

We will speak more to this in the upcoming engineering/spec update.

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