Update – # 81.(1) – Beta Test Program (BTP) – Supplement:

Update – # 81.(1) – Beta Test Program (BTP) – Supplement:

Hi Everyone, 

Just a quick note about the BTP enrollment:

As mentioned in Update # 81  and in response to the many emails and questions on the Comments section about the BTP – we will be working with everyone to ensure that they get enrolled in the BTP, beginning at the end of April.

We have scheduled it this way, because it is a time consuming effort and we do not want it to affect our existing schedule of engineering and web development. 



This means that we will be responding to all current BTP related emails and questions beginning at the end of this month.

In the meantime, please know that ALL  who contributed to the Dragonfly (WinDroid or Android or Buy Now Pay Later) perks at any time during the campaign to date and wish to join the BTP ranks, are automatically included and all that needs to be done is to get you signed up.

And not to worry, we’ll make sure that we get everyone who wants to be (this includes backers who are having trouble accessing their existing BTP account), successfully enrolled in the program will be, but to do so, we need to invest time to work with everyone. 

So, thank you for your patience until the enrollment efforts begin at the end of this month. 


Bridget, Jeff and the Idealfuture Team