Update – 81 – Beta Test Program (BTP) – Part 2

Update – 81 – Beta Test Program (BTP) – Part 2

How do I sign up?


1). INVITATION: If you have already received your invitation/s, you will receive an email/s from us with a unique link your BTP sign-up page.


2). SIGNUP PROCESS: Please signup via the instructions in the invitation email, make a password and fill out the registration form.


*Please note that you must use a password that DOES NOT contain any periods (example: this email address format will not work, jane.doe@gmail.com) and will be rejected by our automated system.  


If you have any additional questions, please review this detailed video that we assembled to assist you with the sign-up process: 



What if I bought more than one Dragonfly?


Each Dragonfly unit that you contributed to, needs its own unique profile in order for it to be included in the program/rebates.


Meaning for those who bought more than one Dragonfly, you will receive one email invitation per Dragonfly unit you that you contributed towards.

We are getting very close and the excitement is palpable!


Our next few updates will cover a more in-depth view into our product development efforts .


We will also be showing you the evolution and vast improvements of the industrial and mechanical design of the Dragonfly, as well as our progress on the next gen prototype we are working on.




Bridget, Jeff & the idealfuture team