Update – 81 – Beta Test Program (BTP) – Part 1

Update – 81 – Beta Test Program (BTP) – Part 1


Hi Everyone,


As mentioned in an earlier update, we have now opened the BTP to all Backers (Deadline Funding and In Demand) and many of you are already signed up and ready to go.

We have had received many emails from backers who have not yet signed up, about who is eligible to participate in the program? The answer is that EVERYONE who bought at least one Dragonfly unit to date, is automatically considered a candidate for the program.


All that is left to be done, is to sign up for the BTP once you receive your email invitations, if you have not already done so.  


For those that have not already received their invitation or require additional invitations, we will begin sending them out in groups towards the end of April.


In the meantime, we want to take a moment to review the BTP and answer several of the questions about it.


What is the Beta Test Program?


The Beta Test Program was originally created in part with a stretch goal for our backers who purchased a Dragonfly during the deadline funding campaign.


A core component of the program is the rebates that we offered to our backer’s for their participation in the Crowdfunding campaign & Beta Test Program (per the program guidelines found here: ( http://dragonflyslingshot.net/btp-faq/ )


The primary function of the BTP is to create a direct conduit for us to gain your valuable input and feedback, as you will be the first to get your hands on the Dragonfly worldwide


Who is eligible for the BTP?


Since the creation of the original beta test program, we have expanded who is eligible:


You are eligible for the BTP if you contributed to either a Dragonfly WinDroid or Android model to date.

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