Update #80 – Website, BTP, Product Development & Schedule (Part -1)

Update #80 – Website, BTP, Product Development & Schedule (Part -1)


Hi Everyone,

This is the first in a 3-part series of updates that detail our progress and focus on our current efforts.

We will be covering many of the questions that have been asked and we will be able to give everyone some insight into our progress to date.

These updates build upon the content as put forth in Update # 78, wherein we discussed our setbacks and plan to continue to move forward.

Engineering Team Efforts: Rest assured, our engineering team is hard at work designing a Dragonfly that is state-of-the art!

Our team has been working on our pre-production prototype. We are still waiting on a few components and then we can start to cut/machine the aluminum parts for the prototype enclosure.

This will be covered in greater detail in the upcoming next update in the series.

The core design team is of course simultaneously designing the production-ready design of the Dragonfly and we think all will be most pleased by the final product.

Shipping Schedule: Shipping is expected to begin the first week of August 2016.

Website: Jeff and the web team have been working tirelessly to create a website that not only has all the features that we need to work with our existing backers and grow our backer base even further, but it of course had to be a unique and standout website visually.

There were many obstacles along the way, but we are finally ready to show a preview of the new site! The new site is temporarily located at: www.dragonflyslingshot.net

* Please note that there a few more tweaks and glitches to iron out and the site needs to still be optimized (it is currently loading slowly), but the goal is that this new site will be ready to replace our www.idealfuture.com site by the end of the week or early next week.

Website Design Overview: The main idea of the new site was to create one place that has all the information that our backers and potential customers want/need, instead of some on our website and the rest on Indiegogo.

So we have laid out the site so that as you scroll you organically absorb more information and build upon what you just discovered about the Dragonfly!

The first thing that a visitor to our site is greeted with is a dynamic video on the homepage that highlights how the Dragonfly moves and transforms itself into the future of mobile!


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