Update # 78 – Continued

Update # 78 – Continued

Our Commitment to Our Backers –

All of you are the reason we were able to start bringing the Dragonfly from dream to reality and there truly is no way to thank you enough for your support that you have instilled in us.

As a token of our gratitude for your loyalty, faith, and patience, we are extending access to the BTP for all of our backers (this includes both deadline funding backers and InDemand Backers).  This also means that we will be reopening enrollment in January 2016 and it will remain open until further notice, so those that missed out can now sign up.

Plus, we are upping the rebates from 70% to 99% for everyone who participates in and completes the BTP!

This means that for your patience, you will receive virtually all of your contribution back in the form of a rebate once the Beta Test Program is completed.

Please see our website for more information on the BTP:

2016 and
Beyond –

We understand that delays are
frustrating and let us assure you that though we too could allow ourselves to
be very frustrated by these delays, we instead chose to turn that frustration into
the very energy that drives us forward.

We will not fail you, and you will never see an
update that says, “well… sorry folks we tried but….” And you will never see
us waiver in our commitment. We want to make it very clear to our backers that
we are doing all we can to get the Dragonfly shipped ASAP.

Moving forward, please remember not only the
potential of the Dragonfly but also the power of over 4,000 backers and
counting. When combined with our new and improved design team, this will ensure
that the Dragonfly that ultimately reaches you, will be the most refined and
beautiful, yet robust piece of mobile technology you have ever laid eyes or
hands on.

Happy New Year!

Bridget, Jeff and the idealfuture team