Update # 78 – Continued

Update # 78 – Continued

New and Improved Engineering Team –

Now for the good news, we have replaced those that could not carry their weight and are proud to announce that we have augmented our team. Meaning that we are now under contract with a large multinational design firm in order to finalize the Dragonfly electronic engineering and ready it for production.

We are very lucky to have added a team that is fully integrated with our manufacturing partner. This experienced group will be able to shepherd us through all remaining phases of the design and into mass production.

In detail, they have over 300 engineers on staff that provide, hardware, software, firmware and manufacturing support. Thus we have full confidence in their ability to deliver as promised.

Due to their direct access to our manufacturer, our new team is also able to provide Idealfuture with warranty and repair services.

We have tried to be very careful in our hiring process and have also added an additional internal program manager to further help us to manage the remainder of our pre-production and production efforts.

Components and Procurement –

With the aid of our manufacturer, we have made a lot of critical vendor selections; we have our keyboard vendor, a screen vendor, a battery vendor, etc. In addition to more that we are finalizing in the next few weeks.

Our team has also selected most of the components and procurement has begun, so that the Dragonfly can transition smoothly to production and ultimately reach your hands in 2016!

Engineering Completed to Date –

Over the last year, we have been able to complete many aspects of the mechanical design and engineering, as well as the keyboard design for the Dragonfly.

Regarding the keyboard, many of the parts are already tooled and the engineering is essentially complete. In doing so, we have made sure to create a keyboard that is exceptional in both look and feel.

With the keyboard being such an essential interface element to the Dragonfly user experience, we knew going in that the keyboard would need to be first-rate and provide an exemplary typing experience.

Through lots of studying, testing and refinement we have been able to achieve a keyboard that will provide a best-in-class mechanical design.

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