Update # 78 – Continued

Update # 78 – Continued

Rapid Prototyping – 3D Printing –

By utilizing 3D printing, we were able to touch and feel all the changes we made and thus significantly improve the design of the Dragonfly before it reaches our backers.

Meaning that using the rapid prototyping that 3D printing provides, we have been able to make quick revision and refinements to the industrial and mechanical design to provide a superior product.

We will be following up this update with an additional filmed update that will highlight all of the design revisions and the logic behind the choices made.

USB-C and What It Means for the Dragonfly –

We are pleased to inform you, that we will also be implementing USB-C across the board for the Dragonfly.

We chose to do so, because this new, smaller universal connector allowed us to significantly streamlined our final design.

Using USB-C as the connector for both the Slingshot to the base, as well as for the charging of the base itself, has allowed us to simplify our charging, board design and port layout along with the hinge design.

It also provides the added benefit of allowing users to carry only one cord to charge both the Slingshot and the base. Not to mention that the same set of ports will also serve as the connections for add-on peripherals, which further cleans up the design aesthetic.

Future Updates and Communications in the New Year –

We have promised to put our contributors first and we feel we have kept that promise, as can be seen from our constant attention to our backer’s questions and our progress on the Dragonfly. We assure you that as we near production and shipping, many more exciting updates are forthcoming.

Since we are bringing on a new team to finish up the engineering, we will also be creating a new timeline and schedule for the completion of the Dragonfly. These updates will be posted in regular installments in the new year. 

We appreciate that sometimes the news is slower than all of us would like and we promise to redouble our efforts to improve our communications with you even further in 2016.

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