Update #74 (Part 2) – Website – Vision of What is to Come

Update #74 (Part 2) – Website – Vision of What
is to Come

BTP – Portal: The BTP portal is being
even more tightly integrated with the new site and will allow us to better
interact with our BTP members.

IDP – InDemand Portal: Another features that is
currently under construction is the new InDemand Portal (IDP). This portal is
for all of our InDemand backers to use, so we can communicate with them as well
as collect their color choices and other pertinent order details.

Shipping Address Changes: Though we have our
own means for accessing and updating our backer’s addresses, Indiegogo has
recently made an update to their software that now allows the backers to change
their shipping address within their user profile.

To avoid confusion, for all who have moved or
changed shipping addresses, please be sure to update your shipping address on
your Indiegogo account first as we will then be importing any updated shipping
info directly from the Indiegogo database prior to shipment of your Dragonfly.

Idealfuture’s Future: Together, we are truly
changing the world of mobile technology. By building out our website and our
team, we are creating a far more efficient means of communication with you, our
extended team of loyal backers.  This also provides us with one central
repository to communicate with those that are brand new to the world of the

As a company that truly believes in a
brighter, ideal, future, we are very optimistic about the opportunity to work
more closely with you to create a Dragonfly that forever changes the way people
work, play and communicate!

Thank you for all of your continued faith,
support and suggestions to help make the Dragonfly the go-to device of


Jeff, Bridget and the idealfuture team