Update #74 (Part 1) – Website – Vision of What is to Come

Update #74 (Part 1) – Website – Vision of What
is to Come

Hi Everyone,

We are very excited to announce that we are
finalizing the total overhaul of our idealfuture.com website! 

The site will be live in a few weeks, but in
the meantime we wanted to take a moment to introduce everyone to some of the
new and useful features that will make the Dragonfly and idealfuture experience
even better.

With the new website, our goal is to
streamline our communications by creating one central hub for all information
and news relating to the Dragonfly and Idealfuture. This makes it easier than
having to go to both the Indiegogo page and our website for the latest product
updates, specs, news, etc.  

New Integrated Comments Forum: Our first order of
business was to create a more comprehensive way to communicate with our
backers. Thus, we have created our very own forum that will allow you, the
backers, to be able to search our 5,000 plus comments for answers, start
conversations, ask questions and share ideas for the Dragonfly with our team.

By having a forum on our own website, we will
be better able to serve our customer’s needs, especially as the buzz about the
Dragonfly continues to spread and grow beyond the Indiegogo campaign.

We feel that our new comment forum, with its
search function, will be more efficient in getting answers in front of our
backers, while allowing our team to simplify our communication efforts by
having it all in one, easy to access place

You will still be able to comment on the
Indiegogo page, as all comments posted there will be automatically imported
into the idealfuture.com forum.  However, it is our hope that everyone
will migrate to our new forum, because as our support group expands, this
growing database will allow our tech support agents to easily provide answers
to our existing and future customers.

Synchronized Updates: In addition to
improved comments, all updates posted on Indiegogo will be automatically
synchronized to our blog to allow our backers one convenient location to see our
latest news.

We will also use the blog as a place to
provide supplemental updates about future products, accessories and company

Synchronized Stats: The new site will
also automatically sync all campaign stats, like total amount raised, number of
contributions, etc. This means you will be able to see all of the latest
campaign statistics right on our site, so you won’t miss a beat.  

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