Update # 73 –

Update # 73 – 

Dragonfly Working Prototype

Hi Everyone,

We are very proud to announce that today is the day! 

In this video update, we unveil the working prototype!

Bridget will take you through some of the prototyping process and a quick tour of the proto-lab and of course you will get to see the working prototype in action.

The prototype in this first video, is an early model that focuses on the dual-display functionality in the Dragonfly form factor.

You have all helped us to bring this technology to the world and we cannot thank you enough for how much support and faith you have put into our team and our dream!

When you chose to join us on this journey, you chose to change the future and for that we salute you!

Please stay tuned as we have more updates to come.


Jeff, Bridget and the whole Idealfuture team