Update #71 – The Future is at Hand:

Update #71 – The Future is at Hand:

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for joining with us on this epic journey to rewrite
the history of mobile computing!

As is clear, we are
experiencing some delays and that is frustrating.

I want to personally
assure you that we are working through many things that are par for the course
of hardware development and though delays happen, we understand that it is
still nerve wracking at times.

We know that you have put your faith and hard earned dollars
into this belief that mobile can be so much more and we will make sure that
your faith and contributions are rewarded handsomely!

We also understand
that many are not familiar with product development and only see products once
they are on the shelves.

Please consider that
we are building a game changing technology and we are but a small startup with
big ideas and dreams!

However we are also the most dedicated and tireless workers you
are likely to find and will not rest until the Dragonfly makes it way to you.

We are proud to
announce that we will begin shipments by the end of this year and thank you for
your continued patience in the meantime.

Regarding delays,
please know that they are to create a Dragonfly that is current and exceeds
expectations and that has caused a slight schedule change.

This is not uncommon and for an example that delays occur in
technology on a regular basis, please take a look at this article about Apple
and the delays that even the most powerful company in tech has had to endure:


The Dragonfly will begin
to ship later this year and it will be more than what has already been

Keep the faith,

Jeff, Bridget and the
whole Idealfuture Team

PS. More exciting updates to come in the weeks ahead