Update #70 – Mechanical Engineering – Pt. II

Update #70 – Mechanical Engineering – Pt. II

In this video we will take you
through some of the improvements that have occurred during the Dragonfly’s
mechanical engineering phase. For example, you will find out where the pen
resides and see the improvements that have been made to the Bluetooth headset
and charger.

You will also get a “behind the scenes” look at the mechanical engineering and see some of
the processes that the Dragonfly goes through before Jeff gives it his stamp of
approval (Jeff not only designs, but also makes sure the Dragonfly is
nothing short of perfection).

With these improvements
to the Dragonfly’s mechanical engineering, we have driven much of
the complexity from the design. By vigorously studying and working through the engineering, we ensure that you will receive a Dragonfly
that is of the highest quality of design and implementation.

Please note that these
adjustments to the mechanical design also affect the electronic engineering in
a positive way, since they help to further simplify the electronic design. This includes, streamlining the board layouts
by standardizing on USB-C, etc., which allows for a better and cleaner design, both mechanically and electronically.

Although changes, improvements
and delays happen in product development, we assure you that the engineering program is progressing nicely!

Please continue to have faith
in our team and our efforts, as we want
the Dragonfly to ship just as much as you want it to arrive on your doorstep!

Also, I’ll leave everyone with
this final thought. Jeff is a man who has been working tirelessly on his dream to bring about the future of computing and will not rest until he accomplishes it.

Having worked with Jeff, I can attest to the fact that
his passion for the Dragonfly will carry this project to success.  Please consider that Jeff  is so dedicated
to keeping the promises he made to you, that he is essentially working around the

We know waiting is not fun but
we promise that the wait will be more than worth it! 

Best regards,

Bridget, Jeff and the
idealfuture team