Update # 68:

Update # 68:

Beta Test Program (BTP) Development & Enrollment: Thank you to everyone for your patience during the BTP enrollment phase. Throughout the implementation of the BTP portal, we’ve worked through several development hurdles to make sure that everything is functioning as intended and everyone gets registered properly. 

As we began crafting the BTP survey/communication portal, we saw we also needed to augment Indiegogo’s order processing tools, so we could easily capture and track our backer’s color choices, upgrades, shipping information, etc. (all while making the process as self-managing as possible). 

Needless to say, all of this was a bit of an undertaking! 

Program Eligibility: We want to remind everyone, that those who bought a Dragonfly/s before the end of the campaign on December 19, 2014 are automatically eligible for the program. If so, you should have received an email with an initial invite to join the BTP. 

If you contributed after 12-19-2014 (during the InDemand Phase): Please note that no invite will be generated, as the rebates were a stretch-goal bonus intended for the original campaign backers. 

Invite Not Received: If you bought a Dragonfly prior to the end of the campaign and can’t find your invite, please check your spam folder – as we have triple checked that all initial invites have been sent out. 

If you bought multiple Dragonfly’s during the campaign: Please make sure that you have first signed up with the initial email invitation that was sent. No additional invite/s can be sent until that process is complete.

After the first enrollment is completed, we will send another email invite for the next Dragonfly that you bought. This process is the same for each additional Dragonfly purchased, meaning the registration for the prior Dragonfly/s must be completed before the next invite can be generated. 

Shipping Address and/or Errors on the Form: Please enter your current address when registering. Note that though the forms cannot be edited once submitted, we will be confirming your shipping address again (as well as all options, choices, etc. with you) before shipment, so not to worry.

InDemand Contributors: For all the backers that have contributed during the InDemand portion of our campaign (after 12-19-2014), we are in the final phases of developing a section of the portal so that you can sign in, select colors and enter your upgrades, etc. as well

Thank you and more updates are on the way!

Jeff, Bridget & the Idealfuture Team