Dragonfly Project Update 01.26.15 – Part II

Project Update 01.26.15 – Part II

Team Expansion:
an effort to further speed things along, we have also been growing our
engineering team, as well as working with our substantial connections within
the industry.

It is vital to
our success to have the right team members, who can get the job done quickly
& efficiently. Thus we have been carefully adding team members and
contractors who not only possess the experience & talent needed, but also
the same ‘can-do’ attitude that is at the heart of Idealfuture!  

This will allow
us to not only ensure the successful completion of the Dragonfly, but also to
help us develop a company that will stand the test of time!

Beta Test
Program (BTP) Development Status:
 Another piece that is currently in the works, is the
completion of our Beta Test Program. In addition to providing the portal for your
rebates, the BTP will also provide a streamlined way to communicate with all of
our backers as well as confirm everyone’s orders.  As promised, we are
augmenting the Indiegogo order processing so we can ensure that every order is
tracked & configured properly and of course shipped to the right address.
This also means that those that bought multiple orders can easily select
colors, assign upgrades, Cliqs Covers, etc. to their multiple Dragonfly units.

We anticipate
the BTP portal to be online by the end of February 2015.

are also working on a color configurator that will make seeing your color
choices very exciting & dynamic! This will be added to our website &
should also be online by the end of February 2015.

 As they
say, Rome was not built in a day & neither will the next generation of
computing. But we are not stopping & are tirelessly doing all in our power
to meet our original shipping timeline estimates. We will of course be
providing ongoing updates to keep everyone apprised of any developments,
changes and/or delays as we determine them.

Thank you to
all that are aiding us in this historic effort! One that we will all look back
on one day & say, “I helped create the future!”

Best Regards,

Bridget, Jeff
& the ever-growing Idealfuture Team