Idealfuture Goes to CES 2015

Idealfuture Goes to CES 2015

Idealfuture team had the chance to go to CES 2015! We loved being on the ground
floor of all the latest innovations.

Robots, drones and 4K displays were very popular, as well as 3D printers – but nothing even
remotely close to the Dragonfly Futurefon’s capabilities were exhibited
by any other company.

CES 2015: Here I am on the main showroom floor.

at CES, Indiegogo invited us to their private, invite only party, where we got to meet with
other amazing Indiegogo campaigners. We also spoke again with Indiegogo CEO,
Slava Rubin, who commended us on the Dragonfly and our very successful campaign!

Our friends over at the Indiegogo booth.

the show, we had the opportunity to speak with some influential people about
the Dragonfly and it was very well received.

Muli-displays in full effect over at the Samsung booth

During our time there, we met with
Qualcomm, Intel and several other companies that will be essential vendors to the
Dragonfly program. Needless to say the excitement surrounding the Dragonfly was palpable!

2015 is the year of the Dragonfly! We are anxiously looking forward to being a major presence at the 2016 CES show!

After much fun and excitement, we are back in the Silicon Valley and hard at work following up  and meeting with the many contacts that we generated.

Meanwhile, our engineering and manufacturing teams are hard at work and we will be posting additional updates soon.


Jeff and the Idealfuture Team