Flip Cliq’s update: New images showing the colors!

               Flip Cliq’s update: New images showing the colors!

Flip Cliq’s come in Black, White, Blue, Silver or Charcoal
and make a great cover to the Slingshot’s screen when it is detached from the

                                    Flip-Cliq’s in Black and White!

The Flip-Cliq opens for use with the flip of the soft cover and if you wish to use it while closed, the large central circular opening allows you interact and monitor your Slingshot with one hand. 

                           Flip-Cliq’s in Blue, Silver and Charcoal!

The colors are for both the front and back of the cover and are made of durable and stylish aluminum and ballistic nylon.  So wherever you go, the Flip-Cliq has you covered!

Get yours today!

         *** Color choices will be collected after the campaign ends.

Best Regards!


Jeff and the Idealfuture Team