Hi Everyone!

Hi Everyone!

As promised, we just put up some new images in the Gallery Section!

            Dragonfly is available in Black, Blue, Silver and White,

        with complementary colored Cliq’s for style and protection.

The new images are of the available colors of the Dragonfly. We will be collecting color choices from everyone after the campaign ends, so you have plenty of time to choose the color that suits your style.

       The Cliq Covers come in Black, Blue, Silver, and Charcoal Gray

We have also added several images about the Forever Engraving location and details, as shown in the images below.  The engraving is laser etched.

 Forever Engraving: the way to really personalize your new Dragonfly!

The Forever Engraving includes the words from our Revolution video that speaks to the heart of human innovation and never giving up! 

Seen Here:  dragonfly-revolution 

                Closeup of Forever Engraving text and location

It also has a limited edition serial number and also a space for your name. 

Hope you like them.

Best Regards!

Jeff and the Idealfuture Team