Project Blackbird – Docking Station for Dragonfly! (Part 2)

Project Blackbird – Docking Station for Dragonfly!    (Part 2)

re-purposed the space below and behind your monitors and instead of wasted space, the Blackbird uses this area to become an essential element of the Dragonfly’s mission to revolutionize

When paired with the Dragonfly, Project Blackbird gives you
the ability to never leave a multi-display environment and enhances it
even further, whether on the road or at your desk.

                              (Blackbird – Dragonfly Simulation)

the Blackbird is not just the solution to a multi-display set up, but
also the solution to, how can I make the Dragonfly integrate seamlessly
into my life?

                               (Blackbird waiting for the Dragonfly)

As one of our contributors put it:

Dragonfly responds perfectly as a product to my need to balance my
professional activities and my family life. I could be much more
spontaneous about taking my family out to the movies, for unplanned road
trips, etc… the Dragonfly would act as a “core” station connected to a
larger display, keyboard and possibly a multimedia system (speakers and a
microphone/pre-amp), plus possibly another USB device”

— Maciej Pastuszka, a contributor to the Dragonfly Futurefön campaign

Dragonfly is the center of your workstation, all you have to do is
unfold and connect to the Blackbird via a USB cable. Then you have
access to two, additional, full sized displays.

 The Dragonfly has a
full keyboard and trackpad, so when you get to your desk easily connect the Dragonfly
with one cable and you’re ready to go.

This lets you go from a mobile
dual display environment and then expand into a quad monitor system for
the ultimate in productivity.

                                  (Blackbird – Dragonfly Simulation)

the video, we also take some time to talk with, Eric Berg, who was part of the team that worked with Jeff to create the Blackbird pre-production
prototypes, as well as the two Dragonfly hard models.

He is the Director
of Research and Development at Supermodelli, and he has lots of experience and shares his insights
into the tech industry and speaks to Jeff’s abilities to create vital
technologies to bring these products from idea to mass production.

Best Regards,

Bridget, Jeff and the Idealfuture Team