Project Blackbird – Docking Station for Dragonfly! (Part 1)

Project Blackbird – Docking Station for Dragonfly!    (Part 1)

Please note that this is a simulation of the Dragonfly and the
Blackbird working together. This is a project in development and the
screens on the Dragonfly are simulated for demonstration purposes only.

Project Blackbird (tm.)… the ultimate Docking station for the Dragonfly. As
some of you have actually asked for this, Jeff and the idealfuture team
could not wait to unveil this patent pending, fully engineered and virtually ready for
production docking solution.

***Please note, the Blackbird will NOT take away from our product development for the Dragonfly as the Blackbird is already fully engineered and is essentially production ready.

The mission of the Blackbird is to do for your desk environment, what the Dragonfly does for your mobile computing experience!

gives you a place for the technology that you obviously can’t make
mobile but need just the same when you are at your desk. The Blackbird’s integrated design combines these technologies into one sleek enclosure instead of multiple boxes, cables and

                                           (Prototype Image – 1)

Blackbird encompasses:

· Full size monitors

· Multi-monitor graphics adapters

· Blue Ray Drive

· Room for multiple, additional hard drive based storage

· Speakers

· Ethernet hub

· Charging stations

· Additional USB 3.0 ports

· Power supplies, all without taking over your desk

And so much more.

                               (Completed Prototype Image – 2)

than just giving you a way to expand upon the Dragonfly technology,
project Blackbird actually reinvents the home and/or office, desk set

In a traditional multi-display environment, there is a ton of
clutter with cords and stands and it not only takes over the top of your
desk but also underneath, as shown below.

(^This is what current dual display user’s set up often looks like! Just look at all that wasted space, thankfully with the Blackbird this problem is solved.)

And you better have at least one power strip
to have a way to plug in all the components. This is all in addition to
the other things that you already have taking up space your desk.

who has set up dual displays knows how wonderful they are to use but
also knows how frustrating they are to set up.

                  (Prototype Image – 3 – Monitor Arm Assembly)

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