Thanks to you, we have just about reached our second Stretch Goal!


Thank you to all of our Backers who have recently joined the team and to
those who have been with us since day one! Thanks to you, we have just about reached our second Stretch Goal!  

What is so impressive, is that we have done so with hard work & word of mouth

We have been hard at work & we
have a lot great news to share with everyone that is really going to help move
our campaign forward!

We have listened to contributors questions & as a result have recently added several
new videos to answer many questions we
have fielded during the campaign.

we have done our best to answer as many questions as we can on the comments
section, we realized it would be beneficial to have assistance gaining global publicity as well as providing for the large amount of questions
we get daily.

As mentioned previously, we would be growing our team and so we are proud to announce that we
have begun working with a PR agency with extensive experience in tech products & assisting
crowdfunding campaigns. 

There will be more information regarding this
partnership in an upcoming update.

just a little bit of time left in our campaign, we felt that it would be a
shame if we didn’t  give time to get the rest of our message out to everyone, so we have decided to extend the campaign for a final 20

It is important to note that this in NO way will extend our targeted
shipping dates of the Dragonfly to our backers.

With the
PR team’s help to drive awareness to this campaign through the media, we are
expecting to gain worldwide exposure for the Dragonfly. 

We have been blown away by the reaction of the crowd so far & have been able to raise almost $500K in the first half, so with the boost of global publicity, we could potentially double our efforts the second half. 

For example, on the days we did get publicity, via Indiegogo’s newsletter the power of the Dragonfly combined with the visibility brought in  $105,000 in less than 24 hours!

forward, the PR team will be assisting us by providing updates to all of our
contributors on a regular and timely basis. This allows us to focus even more intently on pushing
forward with the next steps of product development and campaign content.

you again for all of your continued support! We are very excited & eager to
show you what we have been working on & can’t wait to see what the final phase of our campaign brings! 

Best Regards!

Jeff, Bridget & Idealfuture Team