Hi Everyone, 

Thank you for an amazing journey here on Indiegogo!

I feel ike we have really gotten to know each other and I truly cannot thank you enough for helping to begin to realize my dream of bringing real and lasting change to the mobile world!

Over the last 30 days we have done our best to not only answer as many questions as fast and openly as possible,  but we have also learned much from your questions and comments. 

We have also tried to really listen to your request . In this regard,  we have listened again and have decided to extend the campaign.  

This will allow us the time to provide the additional updates we promised as well as give some extra time for those who needed it to get their own Dragonfly and not to mention reach those stretch goals! 

 Please note that the extension will begin at 9pm  PST. 

Best Regards to All, 

Jeff,  Bridget and the Idealfuture