First Update Video of the Series

First Update Video of the Series

Hi Everyone,

Here is our first update video that is a part of a series! This first video is  entitled, Indiegogo Campaign Update – Questions and Answers Part 1! We decided to do these
updates as individual segments rather than one large video in order to get them
to you faster (plus we also realized it would have a been a 20 min video… :)
LOL). Thank you for your patience, as Jeff and I have been working around the
clock to be able get these updates out.

This Q&A video is the first of a series of updates, that will begin to answer your questions. The additional
videos will be released on a rolling basis, as they are completed. They will
answer many more of the questions you may have and will explain some of the other
amazing features of the Dragonfly. We also have some testimonials from industry
experts, and we plan to show you a sneak peek of an expansion to the Dragonfly
that we have been quietly developing.

Thank you for your support and contributions, we are almost
at our next stretch goal! Let’s keep rocking the Dragonfly!

Please stay tuned for the next update in the series that we will be

Best regards,

Bridget, Jeff and the Idealfuture team