We Just Added a Brand New Perk!


                                  We Just Added a
Brand New Perk!

                         Flash Cliq Cover – LED
notification Covers!

Flash Cliq Covers with Green Illumination selected. 

We had a lot of people inquiring about the Flash Cliq Covers with an LED notification system. They are a great way to see what happening on your Dragonfly. The LED edges light up when you have a missed call or a new message. They light up in a range of colors and can be customized to each notification and personal preference.

The Flash Cliq’s also feature illuminated IF logo’s.

Since it’s the entire edges that light up (not
just a small dot), you don’t

have worry about missing any notifications even
when the device is face
down or closed.

They are also
customizable for style preferences, so you can choose your color of
illumination to suit your style and mood! When not powered on, the clear LED
band looks sleek and futuristic as well.

no color is selected, the bands glow white.

Flash Cliq’s
are a great edition to your Dragonfly Futurefon and make
staying up to date with your fast paced mobile life easy!

Cliq’s with Red illuminated edges.

Cliq’s take the notifications to the next level!

The Smart
Cliq’s take information at a glance to the next level. With 1.5″
touchscreen displays and running Android gear, you can see and catch the latest
without even turning on your Dragonfly and/or Slingshot. Smart Cliq’s also
feature the same selectable LED colored bands as Flash Cliq’s!  

The Dragonfly
keyboard and touchpad.

Be sure to
check out the new images we added to the page and the gallery
that show the Flash Cliq’s and the Smart Cliq’s in detail.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!


Jeff, Bridget, and the Idealfuture team