FAQ – Campaign

Q: Why crowdfunding?

A: We chose crowdfunding to raise funds for the Dragonfly because it is the best way to directly interact with our customers on a worldwide platform. We have been very successful and have benefitted greatly from having a one on one interaction with our backers to shape the Dragonfly.

Q: How can I get a Dragonfly Futurefön of my own?

A: The Dragonfly is currently available for pre-sale through InDemand on Indiegogo!

You can get the Dragonfly right here on our site (with the checkout processing via Indiegogo)


You can follow this link to our Indiegogo page and select your perks from there.

Q: How much is the Dragonfly?

A: Through crowdfunding we are able to offer the Dragonfly at a super low price, over 40% off retail!

The Dragonfly WinDroid version is $799.

The Dragonfly Android version is $599.

Q: How do I pick my color?

A: We will be emailing everyone who paid for a Dragonfly, with a link where you will be able to fill out your color choice for both the Dragonfly and Cliq Covers. In the meantime, check out our color configurator here.

Q: Do you have a prototype?

A: Yes, we have a prototype! You can see a video about our prototype here in our Updates section on Indiegogo