Update #80 – Website, BTP, Product Development & Schedule (Part -2)

Update #80 – Website, BTP, Product Development & Schedule (Part -2)


Enhanced Forum: Our new website has also taken into consideration many of the complaints people have about the campaign page forum. Namely, no search function for the vast repository of comments, to help people learn more about our company and our vision of the future.

The site will automatically update any comments added posted on the Indiegogo comments section and move them to our forum. 

Updates: Any updates posted to Indiegogo also automatically become posts in our Updates section on idealfuture.com for total integration.  

This will also self-generate a mass notification email to our subscribers to ensure that no one misses any news.

Ordering a Dragonfly: The new Pre-Order section of the site, provides a clearer look into the Dragonfly options and corresponding perks. You can also begin the process of buying a Dragonfly’s and upgrades directly from our site to further streamline the process.

BTP Invites: As you may recall, we have extended the BTP to all backers (both Campaign and In-Demand participants).

Now that the new website it essentially done and fully integrated with our BTP portal, we will commence sending out the invites in the coming weeks.

Please remember that we have extended the BTP to all of our backers as a thank you for being our first supporters and have increased the rebates to 99% as our way of thanking you for your faith and perseverance with us on this journey!

Please stay tuned for our next segment in this 3-part progress update that should publish in the next week.




Bridget, Jeff and the idealfuture team