Update # 78

Update # 78Idealfuture’s Future  (four part update)

Hi Everyone,

First, let me say Happy Holidays and we wish
you all a joyful and prosperous 2016!

Since the campaign ended, we have been working
non-stop with all of our team members to make sure we are on track with the
Dragonfly development. We are happy to report that overall, everything is
moving forward and in the right direction.

However, our team has determined that though
we have pushed through many obstacles this past year, we will not be able to
begin shipping by the end of December 2015 as planned.  

Although this is not the news we collectively
hoped for, we want to detail all of the goings on with Idealfuture to make sure
that everyone is on the same page moving forward.

Reason for
Delay – Contactors, USB-C and Processor Changes –

After our crowdfunding campaign ended, we
began to grow our team as promised. For the sake of efficiency, many of our
team members are hired contractors. We are pleased to report that we have enjoyed
much success, with most of our contractors meeting their deliverables.

Nonetheless, we have had one in particular
that has not been able to do the job they claimed they could and has cost us
valuable time in the process. This came as a huge upset to us, because we put a
lot of faith and trust into this division of our electronic engineering team.

This hit to our schedule was significant, as
we had to redirect our focus to dealing with and replacing this contractor.

In addition to this dilemma, we have also had
to work around numerous design issues and revisions, including upgrading from
the originally planned Snapdragon 805 to the superior, upcoming Snapdragon 820

One of the primary reasons for this, is that
the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chip will not be available to us in the quantities
that we require, until late February 2016. Most remember that we had to scrap
the 810 development due to overheating issues inherent in the chipset.

This also includes the revision to our
specification to standardize the Dragonfly design solely around USB-C.

All of these factors when combined cause delays
and to a less dedicated team could spell utter defeat for a project as complex
as the Dragonfly. Thankfully, due to our dedication and perseverance, there
will only be a relatively minor impact to our delivery schedule.

Below, you will read about what we have
actively done to overcome these issues.

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