Dragonfly Engineering Update March 27, 2015

Engineering Update March 27, 2015

As part of our on going engineering efforts, we are in the
process of completing a mechanical prototype of the Dragonfly. This mechanical
prototype reflects the Dragonfly’s final industrial design and incorporates all
the mechanical subsystems, including Cliq Covers, the Bluetooth headset, etc.

In concert with our mechanical engineering efforts, our
electronic engineers are currently developing the electronics that will be
merged with the mechanical engineering model to create a working prototype!

Timeline: We
expect to have the mechanical prototype completed within 4-5 weeks, with the
integrated electronic model coming several weeks thereafter. We will be posting
images of the development in the next few updates.

Thank you all for your support, we are working very hard to develop
the Dragonfly to its fullest potential and we are confident that everyone will be
very pleased with the final result.

Best Regards,

Bridget, Jeff and the idealfuture team