Beta Test Program and Color Configurator are LIVE!

Beta Test Program and
Color Configurator are LIVE!

promised, we are very excited to announce that the official Beta Test Program
(BTP) is now open! If you were part of our original campaign that ran from Oct.
19, 2014 to Dec. 19, 2014 and bought a Dragonfly, this is your chance to
participate in our program and be qualified to get your rebates.

BTP Enrollment Activation Process: You
will start by receiving an email with a link and instructions on how to access
the BTP. Once you receive the email please follow the instructions and fill out
the application form. *If you do not
receive an email by the end of Feb 28th please check your spam

you purchased more than one Dragonfly or if one is a gift, we will need you to send
us an additional email address for each extra Dragonfly purchased, that way we can
send you corresponding BTP invites, as each Dragonfly unit will require its own

the application form we have also provided everyone with an interactive
Dragonfly Color Preview tool that lets you play around with all the different
color options and pick the perfect Dragonfly for you! You can see the
configurator by clicking here. 

When filling out your profile please be sure to double check
that all profile fields as correct before you click submit, as the only
information you will be able to change afterwards is your shipping address. 

We will be posting additional, exciting updates in the coming weeks.

Best Regards,

Bridget, Jeff and the idealfuture team