Happy Holiday’s from Idealfuture!

Holiday’s from Idealfuture!

our campaign ending during the holiday season, we couldn’t help but end with a surprise
gift for everyone!

the Idealfuture family to yours, we will be offering a final rebate percentage
of 70% to all our backers. This is our way a saying thank you for everything!

We have already made such a difference in the mobile world and this is truly only the beginning. We have created a world wide buzz that cannot be stopped and have stuck together over the last 60 days. We have showed everyone that we will not accept the status quo!

you all so much for joining us and supporting us throughout this campaign. It
is a momentous group effort that has made all of this possible, and we are
forever thankful to have so many people believing in us!

wish everyone a Happy Holiday and Cheers to the Dragonfly! :)


Jeff and the Idealfuture team