Dragonfly Press Coverage Update – 12-12-14:

Dragonfly Press Coverage Update – 12-12-14:

Our press coverage is continuing to grow and the Dragonfly has been featured in Digital Trends and numerous other sites. 

The amazing thing, is that with your support we have begun to change the world of mobile computing and create global desire for the Dragonfly…Mainly on just word of mouth !

That being said, our newly hired PR firm has released their first official press release and as a result, we are expecting substantial coverage from major media outlets in the near term!

For example, here is a great piece in Digital Trends: Click this link

In the meantime, here is a list of coverage that we have received to date:

Additional Links to articles about the Dragonfly:

1). Gizmodo.co.uk

2). TechTreadz.com

3). Appcessories.com

4). Androidtheringapps.com

5). It.ibtimes.com

6). Detektdesign.com

7). Backerjack.com

8). Gadgetynews.com

9). Iwbag.com

10). Gsm.tech-maniak.com

11). For the Cool.com

12). Trustedreviews.com

13). Sliceoftech.com

14).  Ebuyer.com

Thank you for your amazing support and we will keep updating the list, as new media coverage streams in!

Best Regards,

Jeff and the Idealfuture Team